Au Creme Wax Kit
Au Creme Wax Kit
Au Creme Wax Kit

Au Creme Wax Kit

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Note: This Kit comes with- Au Creme Wax, Plush Microfiber Towel, Premium double sided applicator pad

AU Crème Wax - Smooth and shiny surface every time

·       Repairs fine scratches and swirl marks

·       Works well with all colors, especially dark colored cars.

·       Adds a tremendous amount of gloss and shine

·       Creates layer of protection and hydrophobic layer

·       Made in the U.S.A

REV Tip:

·       Can be applied on top of Neo Armor for an enhanced shine and prolonging the life of Neo Armor protection.

·       Make sure your vehicle is clean and dry before applying

·       Let the wax dry and absorb into the paint before buffing off.

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    Not all wax is created equal. The one above all, our Au Opulent Creme wax utilizes the finest quality pure white carnauba. This golden nectar is sourced from the Copernicia Prunifera tree, grown only in the most Northeastern part of Brazil. When you do car detailing for a living or just a hobbyist, our Au Crème Wax will make any car shine. Impress your friends and leave your car looking like it was done by a personal auto detailing company. Unlike other waxes on the market, our Au Creme Wax is easy to apply and last months under ideal conditions. Durable protection against UV rays, dirt, and other pollutants. 

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