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Brake Away

Wheel and Tire Cleaner

The revolutionary Wheel and Tire Cleaner that will change the way you clean your wheels and tires! Say goodbye to stubborn brake dust, road contamination, and metallic grime that have been making your wheels and tires look dull and dirty. With Brake Away, you'll enjoy a sparkling clean finish that will bring your wheels and tires back to life.

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Uber Shine

Tire Shine / Tire Dressing

The ultimate tire shine solution! Say goodbye to dull, dry tires and hello to a lustrous, natural deep shine that will leave your tires looking like-new.

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Complete Wheel Cleaning Kit

Everything You Need

Say goodbye to stubborn brake dust and road contamination with Brake Away - the most effective and easiest way to clean your wheels and tires.

Our kit also features Uber Shine, a water-based tire shine/rubber dressing that will give your tires a lustrous natural deep shine. With its no-sling formulation, you don't have to worry about unwanted marks on your fenders or panels. Uber Shine also protects your tires from cracking by hydrating them.

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