The Birth of REV Auto Car Care

REV Auto Car Care was born out of blood, sweat, tears and disappointment in 2014.

With less than $40.00 left to his name, Billy Holden left the world of Silicon Valley and moved back home to Southern California after failing his first startup company.

He had put everything on the line, quitting his stable corporate job, selling his valuables and moving up north. Unfortunately, not all stories have happy endings and soon Billy found himself down and almost out. He questioned everything about what he knew, what he had loved and what his passions truly were. He felt like a disappointment to his family, friends and all previous entrepreneurs before him.

Through the uncertainties of the moment, Billy realized one important thing. He still loved the automotive industry and he was still a fighter and survivor. That’s when Billy started doing odd end jobs to support himself, this included car detailing and washes; somethings he’s never done before.

Through every trial and error, his experience grew and soon he discovered his passion. It was awful tasting medicine, but it was what the patient needed. As luck would have it, Billy soon reconnected with an old friend who became an established chemist in the Chemical industry. Together they formed a partnership to manifest Rev Auto Car Care from a dream into reality. Where all products are developed and produced in-house and are easy to use while creating amazing results.

Crowning the slogan, “More Than Just Car Care”, as a constant reminder that anything is possible and that as long as you don’t give up; you’ll never fail. 

Over the years, Rev Auto Car Care has had the pleasure of collaborating with different brands and leaders in their respective industry. From NASCAR at Auto Club Speedway to DC Comics artist Rob Prior in creating the first ever Batman VS Joker Series line of detailing products. 

Rev Auto believes in the power of Cooperation, not Corporation, and will continue to push the envelope of what a great brand should always be. Today, Rev Auto HQ has production and fulfilment facilities in Los Angeles, CA and Orange County, CA.