How To Easily Clean Your Wheels!

The process is easy when you have the right products!

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(Step 1: Rinse)

Rinsing the wheel as the first step serves two main purposes:

A.) Removes The Loose Surface Contaminants.

By removing the loose surface contaminants, you will minimize the potential risk of damaging the wheel during the cleaning process.

B.) Cools Down The Wheel.

Whenever you use any cleaning products, it is always best to work with a surface that is cool to the touch.

(Step 2: Spray Brake Away)

Simply spray Brake Away onto the wheel!

Instantly, you will start to see all the contaminants begin to melt and lift to allow for easy rinsing!

(Step 3: Agitate)

To maximize Brake Away's cleaning power, use a soft-bristled wheel brush to agitate the wheel and tire.

This will help break-loose any built-up metallic contaminants to allow for easy rinsing.

(Step 4: Rinse & Dry)

Just like that, you're done!

Cleaning your wheels is that easy!

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