SerumX (1 Gal)
SerumX (1 Gal)
SerumX (1 Gal)

SerumX (1 Gal)

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The easiest and safest way to clean light contaminants off your paint. Serum X is our color-changing quick detailer that turns neon green once it has detected and safely lifted up the contaminants off the paint! The neon green color change is an indication to let you know that the micro debris and dust has been lifted off the paint and is ready for you to wipe.

  • Color-Changing Quick Detailer
  • Perfect for light contaminants and final touches
  • Turns Neon Green to signify it is ready and safe to wipe
  • Perfect for paint and vinyl wraps
  • Leaves surface with a shiny finish and layer of protection
  • Made in the USA


  1. Spray Serum X onto the desired panel.
  2. Let Serum X do its magic for 30 seconds or until it turns neon green.
  3. Once it has turned neon green, use a clean microfiber towel to wipe dry.

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