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REV Combo Kit

REV Combo Kit

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Can't decide what to get? Buy the REV Combo pack! Includes our 4 top sellers that will help get your car clean and ready. 

Includes the following 7 premium REV products:

  1. HydroWash- The best waterless car wash and detailer. Spray on and wipe off!
  2. NEO Glass- Our award-winning window polish and cleaner is VOC-free and does not contain any harmful chemicals such as ammonia or alcohol. 
  3. BrakeAway- The easiest way to clean your tires and wheels. Simply spray on and hose off! Its non-acidic formulation is safe to use and non-hazardous!
  4. The Suds Soap- Wax infused car shampoo with a hint of cherry, will leave your car looking great and smelling amazing!
  5. Towely- Premium drying towel that can be used to apply wax and dry your car. 100% Lint Free
  6. SuperT Window Towel- The best window towel you will ever use, streak-free and reusable.
  7. REV Decal(s) to represent the team!
WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to Safety Data Sheet & Ingredients.

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