REV Auto's Essentials
REV Auto's Essentials

REV Auto's Essentials

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6 Must-Have Products 

This kit will equip you with all the essential chemicals to complete your weekly detailing.

Key Players & Information:

The Suds:

(Car Shampoo & Wax) 16oz

·       Carnuba Wax-Infused Car Shampoo

·       Perfect for Bucket-Washes & Foam Cannons

·       Cherry-Scented

Brake Away:

(Wheel & Tire Cleaner) 16oz

·      Formulated to Loosen Contaminants For Easy Cleaning

·      Creates Foam to Lift Dirt & Grime

·      Safe For 99.9% of All Wheels on The Market

Mean Clean:

(All-Purpose Cleaner) 16oz

·       Breaks Down Stubborn Oil, Dirt, Grime, and Stains

·       Used to Clean Engine Bays, Wheel Wells, Plastic Trim, and more

·       Non-Caustic

Magic Wax:

(Spray-Wax) 16oz

·       Increases Depth of Shine

·       Formulated for Paint, Vinyl, and Ceramic Coated Vehicles

·       Easy Spray & Wipe

Neo Glass:

(Streak-Free Window Cleaner) 16oz

·       Streak-Free Window Cleaner

·       Perfect For Final-Touches


(Interior Cleaner) 16oz

·       Formulated for: Plastic, Leather, Vinyl, and Cloth

·       Designed To Be Used For All Interior-Components

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