NEO Glass (1 Gal)
NEO Glass (1 Gal)
NEO Glass (1 Gal)

NEO Glass (1 Gal)

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The ultimate window and glass cleaner. Its special formulation acts as an extremely fine polish which will remove contaminants while leaving you with a streak-free and crystal-clear finish.

  • Perfect for windows & glass
  • Streak-free & Crystal-clear finish
  • Can be used on stainless steel, chrome, and plastic
  • Does not contain harsh chemicals such as ammonia or alcohol
  • Safe for tinted windows
  • Made in the USA


  1. Spray Neo Glass onto the window or glass.
  2. Wipe off the contaminants.
  3. Using the clean side of the towel, wipe dry the surface.
  4. If the window or glass has a lot of contaminants, repeat steps 1-3.

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