NEO Armor Kit
NEO Armor Kit
NEO Armor Kit

NEO Armor Kit

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NEO Armor Kit

NEO Armor is what dreams are made of! It is super easy to apply spray sealant that last months. After spraying on NEO Armor and using a clean microfiber towel to buff dry, your paint will be left smooth, gloss will be enhanced, and water will bead like crazy. And the best of all, your paint will stay like this for months!
Neo Armor - Innovative paint protection and restorer

·       Restores vehicle shine and condition

·       Adds a hydrophobic and protective layer

·       Works on painted surfaces, glass, and even plastic

·       Replicates the effect of Ceramic Coating

·       Leaves the surface with a smooth finish


  1. Ensure that the desired surface is clean prior to the application process.
  2. Spray Neo Armor onto the desired panel
  3. Use our Neo Clay moving in up & down motions to stimulate the process while removing the embedded contaminants within the paint
  4. Wipe dry the surface
  5. Allow Neo Armor to cure for up to 24 hours for best results


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