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REV Detailer's Bundle (Tier 2)

REV Detailer's Bundle (Tier 2)

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REV's Detailer Bundle

Looking to start up your detailing business?

REV Detailer Bundle Kit is perfect for upcoming detailer's and for those who are looking to stock up on our essentials!

Are you a Detailer or own a Detailing Business?

Send us an email via to get more information on our Detailer's Program!

Tier 2


  • Custom Pair of Door Magnets:

    • To help gain more exposure on the go for your detailing business. A custom Car Magnet will be included to let your customers knows who you are as well which brand you choose to symbolize your quality of work. This magnet will be custom-designed by us to encorporate your logo as well as ours.
  •  Berry Blast: 

    • Gallon of our High Foaming Shampoo (16 oz Bottle Included)

      • Specifically formulated to be used in a foam cannon to cling and lift contaminants from the paint. Safe for ALL surfaces such as : paint, vinyl wrap, ceramic coated vehicles, PPF film, glass, rims, and more!
  • Brake Away:

    • Gallon of our Brake Dust Cleaner (16 oz Bottle Included + Sprayer)

      • Specifically formulated to be tough on grime, but gentle with the wheel. Safe for 99.9% of all wheels in the market today. Purposely formulated to remove dust and grime.
  • Neo Glass: 

    • Gallon of our Streak-Free Glass Cleaner (16 oz Bottle Included + Sprayer)

      • Perfect for any glass surface. Leaving behind a streak-free finish. Neo Glass does not contain any harmful chemicals such as ammonia and alcohol. Leaving you with a crystal clear surface every time. 
  • Revive: 

    • Gallon of our Interior Cleaner (16 oz Bottle Included + Sprayer)

      • Purposefully formulated to be safe on all interior cleaning needs. Works exceptionally well on leather while conditioning it to prevent further cracking over time. 
  • Big Ass Drying Towel: 

    • Purposed for large panels on large vehicles for drying purposes 
  • Small Ass Drying Towel: 

    • Purposed for medium-sized panels on cars for drying purposes
  • Fluffy Slush Drying Towel: 

    • Purposed to be paired with detailers or interior cleaners


*** READ ME: In order to receive a custom-designed door magnet, you will need to send us an email via, including your order number as well as the name of your business. You will need approval before advancing to getting a custom-designed door magnet created. You will also be listed within our "REV Authorized-Detailers Map" as a part of our upcoming Detailer's Program