2 Bucket Method Wash Kit
2 Bucket Method Wash Kit

2 Bucket Method Wash Kit

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What is the 2 Bucket Wash Method?

The 2 Bucket Wash Method is the safest way to wash your vehicle in order to prevent potential swirl marks and scratches from being created during the cleaning process.

Perfect for washes without a pressure washer!

  • The 2 Bucket Method Wash Kit consists of: 

    • “Wash Bucket” which will only contain the soap and water mixture. The "Wash Bucket" is used for the Wash Mitt to collect suds and soap to transfer over to the panel of the vehicle to begin the cleaning process.
    • “Rinse Bucket” which only contains water and a Grit Guard. The "Rinse Bucket" is used for the Wash Mitt to rinse off and remove the contaminants that are latched on to the Wash Mitt. Once you scrub the Wash Mitt against the Grit Guard, it enables all the contaminants to fall off the Wash Mitt and become trapped on the bottom of the Grit Guard.
    • The Suds which is a cherry-infused wax shampoo specifically designed for bucket washes. The Suds is pH neutral meaning that it is safe to wash your car in the sun.
    • Wash Mitt which is designed to absorb liquid, transfer subs onto the vehicle, and allow safe scrubbing to remove contaminants on the paint.
    • Grit Guard is designed to be inserted into the "Rinse Bucket". The shape of the Grit Guard allows the Wash Mitt to be scrubbed against to remove all the contaminants within the Wash Mitt and transferring it to the bottom of the bucket where it will be trapped. 
    • Small Ass Drying Towel which is our super-plush drying towel that is specifically meant to dry vehicles.
    • Towely which is our microfiber towel that can be used for extra drying power.


  1. Insert the Grit Guard into the “Rinse Bucket” and fill it with water until it is 2 - 3 inches above the Grit Guard.
  2. Prepare the soap and water mixture by combining the desired amount of each element into the “Wash Bucket”.
  3. Rinse the vehicle prior to beginning the cleaning process.
  4. Insert your Wash Mitt into the “Wash Bucket” and rotate your hand back and forth to agitate the mixture to create suds.
  5. Scoop the newly created suds from the “Wash Bucket” and transfer it over to the desired panel to clean.
  6. Begin scrubbing until the surface is freed of all contaminants on the surface of the panel.
  7. Insert your Wash Mitt into the “Rinse” Bucket” and scrub the Wash Mitt against the Grit Guard to remove contaminants away from the Wash Mitt.
  8. Repeat steps 4 to 7 until the vehicle is completely clean.
  9. Rinse the vehicle thoroughly.
  10. Dry the vehicle.