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2 Bucket Method Wash Kit

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One of the safest ways to wash your vehicle while preventing the possibility of causing swirl-marks and scratches during the cleaning process. This Kit includes all the necessities to Foam, Wash, Rinse, & Dry your vehicle. it also features REV Auto's Suds Shampoo that is perfect for your bucket washing needs as it is formulated to be used as a bucket wash shampoo. Within this kit, you'll find all the necessary cleaning tools & accessories that you'd need to complete a 2 bucket wash method wash.

  • Everything You Need For a Basic Wash & Dry
  • Perfect For Washes Without The Need of a Pressure Washer
  • Two 5 Gallon Buckets Labeled For Their Purpose
  • One of The Safest Ways To Wash Your Car
  • Wash & Wax Your Vehicle All-In-One Step
  • Includes Buckets with Grit Guard, Towels, & Wash Mitt

What's Included?

1.) Wash Bucket

5 Gallon Bucket

This bucket will be used to contain the soap and water mixture. Its purpose is to collect suds and soap to transfer over to the panel of the vehicle to begin the cleaning process.

2.) Rinse Bucket

5 Gallon Bucket

This bucket will be used to contain water and a Grit Guard. Its purpose is to rinse off the and remove contaminants from the wash mitt by scrubbing the wash mitt against the grit guard. This enables all the contaminants to fall off the wash mitt and become trapped on the bottom of the Grit Guard.

3.) The Suds

Wash & Wax Shampoo

A pH balanced bucket wash shampoo that is formulated to safely wash & wax your ride all in one process. It also works well in any foaming accessories you may have. Best when paired with our wash mitt, bucket, grit guard, foamers, and any of our ultra plush drying towels.

4.) REV Super Wash Mitt

Microfiber Wash Mitt

A super plush, absorbent, and soft wash mitt. Made with premium microfiber to be perfectly paired for any washing needs.

5.) REV Grit Guard

Trimmable Grit Guard

A cleaning tool that traps dirt at the bottom of the bucket. Its grid surface scrapes dirt off of any wash mitt or sponge. This will be essential in preventing the possibility of creating swirl-marks and re-introducing contaminants to the surface of your vehicle during the washing process.

6.) REV Drying Towel

Soft Drying Towel

One of the most well-known drying towel that we offer. This towel works wonders when it comes to drying your car.

7.) Towely

Super Absorbent & Plush Microfiber Towel

A soft microfiber towel that is perfect to be used for drying and buffing purposes. It absorbs up to 10 times its weight in weight & is lint-free!

Product Instructions


Step 1.) Insert the Grit Guard into the Rinse Bucket, and fill it with water until it is 2-3 inches above the grit guard.

Step 2.) Prepare the soap and water mixture by combining the desired amount of each element into the Wash Bucket.

Step 3.) Prior to beginning the cleaning process, rinse the vehicle to remove all major contaminants.

Step 4.) Insert your wash mitt into the Wash Bucket and rotate your hand back and forth to agitate the mixture to create the suds needed.

Step 5.) Scoop the newly created suds from the Wash Bucket and transfer it over to the desired panel to clean.

Step 6.) Begin scrubbing in straight motions until the surface is freed of all contaminants on the surface of the panel. Note that it is always best to work with one panel at a time.

Step 7.) Insert your wash mitt into the Rinse Bucket and scrub the wash mitt against the grit guard to remove contaminants from the wash mitt to prevent re-introducing them onto the next panel.

Step 8.) Repeat steps #4 - #7 until the vehicle is completely clean.

Step 9.) Rinse the vehicle thoroughly.

Step 10.) Dry the vehicle with the drying towel included.

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The Safest Way To Wash Your Car

The two bucket method is crucial in preventing the possibility of causing swirl-marks & scratches. With the Two-Bucket-Method, you can prevent re-introducing contaminants to your vehicle during the washing process.

Tools & Accessories Included

Crowned as an absolute MUST-HAVE for routine maintenance wash, and daily driver detail. This kit is the definition of WASH & WAX.

All-In-One Shampoo Wash & Wax

The Suds consists of a pH balanced formula combined with carnauba wax and cherry-infused essence.

For a thorough, deep cleaning washing experience, the soap must produce thick luxurious suds, and provide superior results, no matter the setting!

Why is pH neutral such an important element as a shampoo? The Suds' pH neutral formula cleans without stripping your wax or drying out your trim. It’s so gentle and works better than ever at suspending the mineral content of your water and reducing water spots, even in full sunlight!

The Suds can be used in your wash bucket, foam gun, or foam cannon and features a high clinging technology to help cleanse the painted surfaces of any impurities or debris.

REV Auto's Suds Soap is a pH neutral, blend of lubricants, and carnauba wax to increase the effectiveness of your washing experience. As this product is pH neutral, it will not remove wax, sealants, or degrade a ceramic coating. This product safely & effectively removes dirt, debris, pollen, and other contaminants while add a layer of wax during the washing process. Other car wash soaps on the market can be harmful to your exterior vehicle surfaces but REV's Suds Shampoo is safe on all surfaces and will not dry out your plastic and rubber.

Our Suds Bucket Wash Shampoo can be used in full sun and is safe on all surfaces including glass, headlights, plastic, paint, raw aluminum, and matte finishes. This product is different from any other soap on the market as it not only provides a thick, clinging foam to the surface but also is pH neutral and can be dried completely from the sun during your wash and be rinsed clean without streaks.

This product is backed by our 100% REV Satisfaction Guaranteed

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Safety Data Sheet & Ingredients.