Praise The Bottle Decal
Praise The Bottle Decal

Praise The Bottle Decal

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BRAND NEW offered in Olympic gold 

Praise the Bottle

Represent the #REVFAM


1.) Prior to installing, ensure that the surface is clean to allow the decal to properly stick to the surface.

2.) Using a card, push down on the surface of the transfer paper to enhance the bond of the decal to the transfer paper.

3.) Carefully peel off the transfer paper and make sure that the vinyl is on the transfer paper. If it did not stick on, put the transfer paper back on the part that did not stick and press down and lift again.  

4.) Place the transfer paper with the decal onto the desired surface.

5.) Press down on the vinyl to give it a better bond to the paint prior to removing the transfer paper.

6.) Remove the transfer paper and enjoy! 

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