Motha Cleaner Block!
Motha Cleaner Block!
Motha Cleaner Block!

Motha Cleaner Block!

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Note: Comes with one (1) applicator with hand strap.

Why is Motha Cleaner Microfiber BLock Awesome!

  • REVolutionary products that has dual side applicator!
  • Hand strap for dual action
  • One side is a soft microfiber and the other side is a waffle weave for deep cleaning!
  • 100% Lint Free
  • Extremely Durable and can be washed and re-used.

How / When do you use it?

I want to know more!

Truly a revolutionary product! A premium microfiber applicator on one side and a waffle weave cleaner on the other, with a built in hand strap! The Motha Cleaner Block can be used to apply wax and even cleaner and condition the interior of your car! With the hand strap you no longer have to worry about dropping the applicator or scratching your paint. It’s the perfect tool for any car detailing or car washing that you want to do. Use by professional car detailers, the Motha Cleaner Block can be used with car wax, interior cleaner, leather conditioner or anything else along those lines.